RTEMS is an open source royalty-free mature real-time executive developed by OAR Corporation since 1988. GNU development tools are normally used with RTEMS.

Newlib is used as standard C library with RTEMS. RTEMS integrates network stack borrowed from NetBSD.

OKTET Labs engineers have long-term experience with RTEMS and happy to help their customers to adapt RTEMS for their systems.

To use RTEMS for developing your embedded application RTEMS should be adopted for your unique hardware. This step is quite tricky and important: a lot of difficult problems may arise on this stage. Once RTEMS is ported to your hardware, you may develop embedded application in a traditional way.

There are few aspects of RTEMS porting:

  • Porting RTEMS to a new processor architecture
  • Adapting RTEMS for using with a specific component or component’s family
  • Developing device drivers for RTEMS
  • Creating BSP (Board Support Package) which integrates existing RTEMS drivers and contains start-up code and board-specific drivers
  • Porting existing software to RTEMS.

OKTET Labs takes duties to make RTEMS running on your hardware and allow debugging of embedded application by integrating your system with GNU debugger. Drivers for unique, non-standard or not supported hardware will be developed.

We will give you recommendations about best way of using RTEMS to implement your product and provide continuous technical support.

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