OKTET Labs provides a service for design and implementation of network drivers. You can order drivers of many OS at once or a driver for one particular operating system (OS). You can ask OKTET Labs to modify existing driver to make the driver confirm to some requirements.

We support following operation systems:

  • Linux
  • VxWorks
  • Solaris
  • *BSD
  • NDIS driver for various OSes known as "MS Windows"
  • you can ask for any additional OS.

We have experience in supporting following features of hardware:

  • DMA for PCI or non-PCI hardware
  • VLAN support
  • bonding support
  • 10Mbit/100Mbit/1Gbit PHY support

We know how to co-operate with OS manufacturers. We can prepare the driver for inclusion into OS distribution and/or obtain manufacturers signature for the driver.

By your request, we can pass copyright ownership of the driver code and the driver documentation to you or keep this ownership in OKTET Labs. If we pass copyright ownership to you, you may choose any license to cover our work. We prefer to use open source license, and proprietary-only licensing will cost you some money.

OKTET Labs always provides support of its work.

  • Obvious bugs are fixed forever without external charge. We may reject to do such fix only if the OS is not supported by its manufacturer. "Obvious bugs" include:
    • kernel panic/blue screen of death;
    • security hole;
    • hardware damage;
    • easily-reproducible problem regarding functionality described in the original contract.
  • Additional functionality may be added to the driver later for additional money.
  • Original contract agreement may contain some sort of support promise for a limited time. Such support may include:
    • porting driver to the new branches of the same OS;
    • porting driver to the new versions of similar hardware;
    • compilcated bugfixing, etc.

Our customers trust us