See a random choice of OKTET Labs team members

Elena Alenitsyna Artem Andreev
Elena Alenitsyna
Елена Аленицына
Chief accountant
Artem Andreev
Артём Андреев
Software developer
Alexandra Kossovsky Alexander Kukuta
Alexandra Kossovsky
Александра Косовская
Software developer
Alexander Kukuta
Александр Кукута
Software developer
Piotr Lavrov Boris Misenov
Piotr Lavrov
Пётр Лавров
Boris Misenov
Борис Мисенов
Software developer
Andrew Rybchenko Elena Vengerova
Andrew Rybchenko
Андрей Рыбченко
Software developer
Elena Vengerova
Елена Венгерова
Co-founder, team leader for a number of projects in networking

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